Baby Girl Sad Story

Wanna run away from the dull world and find yourself in a new, vibrant and fascinating reality? Tired of everyday life and looking for new emotions? Then you just need to play Sakura School Simulator! This is a place where you are guaranteed to try something new and fun that you have never experienced in real life. You can be any character to your liking with a unique appearance and style that nobody else in the game has. Moreover, it’s even possible to become a baby or a cat butter! So what exactly are we looking at here?

The game will take you to a splendid town of Sakura located on a hospitable Japanese coast. Here you will take on the role of a local teen who needs to go to school, hang out and generally entertain oneself. And there are plenty of opportunities for that! Some of them are quite ordinary like eating out at a cafe, going to the cinema or taking a ride at an amusement park. Others are more exotic. For instance, you will have a jetpack that you can fly on, you can dress inappropriately and prune strange activities available at various locations. To see what your hero can do here you simply need to step into an illuminated circle. Then the character will start dancing, drawing or whatever else you came here to do.

You can also walk up to any character and start a conversation. There will be options of answering them and you can choose any, from super friendly to downright hostile. Besides, you can start a fight right on the spot without any particular reason. Surely, the cops won’t be happy about it, and chances are high that you will get into an even bigger trouble after that. But what is life without a bit of risk, isn’t it? Start your exploration of Sakura City, get familiar with all the locations available on the map, make friends and enemies and simply enjoy your pastime!

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8 Stars
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