Sakura School Simulator 2021

School years are a wonderful and rebellious time. It is then that the formation of the personality of a teenager begins, who, from a carefree child, turns into a young guy or girl with a bunch of problems. I want to find myself, somehow stand out from the crowd, rebel against the established rules, experience vivid emotions and experience incredible events. There are many possibilities for all this in Sakura School Simulator 2021! You will take on the role of a high school student who needs to find a balance between lessons, personal life and self-determination. Let’s not postpone this mission for long and start now!

First of all, you have to dress your character. You can choose a school uniform, a T-shirt and jeans, an evening dress, a bathing suit, or even something wild. Moreover, you can wear all these suits regardless of the place where you are going. For example, you can go to the store in only your underpants, and jump into the pool in a winter jacket. In the same way, you can choose a hairstyle of any color, various accessories – in general, make your character interesting and memorable.

Well, are you ready to go out into the big world? Then leave your home and explore the streets! In the menu, you can choose the location to go to. By the way, here you can also adjust the season and weather. If you want, the sun will shine outside and spring will bloom, but if you want, let fog or pouring rain over the city. The means of transportation are also quite different. You can run on foot, get behind the wheel of a car and ride outside the rules, destroying everything in your path, or fly over rooftops in a jetpack.

The city has many locations and activities that add variety to the life of a Japanese student. You can go to a cafe and order traditional local food, you can go to the ballet section and circle around the hall in white tights, you can go with friends to an amusement park and get adrenaline pumping at the rides. Or you can just walk up to the first character you come across and start a fight that can end fatally. But you should not be afraid – the deceased will come to life the next morning. True, he will hate his offender. In general, life is in full swing here! Enjoy these crazy days, make your school years full and fun and make yourself at home!

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