Sakura School Simulator Missions

Wanna find out what it’s like to go to a Japanese school? This game will tell you all about it! You will find yourself in a hospitable city of Sakura where you’ll play the role of a regular teenager. You can choose one of the several playable characters and customize their appearance to your liking. There are various hair styles and outfits to try, so you can always make your hero stand out. Once you’re done configuring your looks, it’s time to go out and explore the map!

There are plenty of locations you can visit, including the campus, local store, various restaurants, cafes and an amusement park. You can go to the swimming pool, ride horses, enter a ballet section and choose any of the hobbies available here. But the most interesting thing is performing various missions that will create some kind of a story yo will be following! These missions can range from quite mundane like going somewhere and fetching something to more exotic ones – for instance, the arrival of an UFO.

Whenever there is a new mission available, the game will give you a pop-up prompt and you’ll see a mark on the map. That’s where you need to go to complete the quest. For doing that, you’ll get various rewards in the form of money that you can spend on buying new clothes and accessories, as well as access to rare objects like exclusive vehicles and special items. Enjoy your stay in Sakura Town and see if you can complete all the missions!

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18 Stars
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