Sakura School Simulator Games

Sakura School Simulator is a game that offers you the role of an ordinary Japanese schoolboy in an unusual world. Here you can do whatever you want – explore the map, go to different locations, do the things available there, meet the characters, wreak havoc on the streets and change your appearance. Welcome to this cozy and slightly crazy city, which will definitely leave a lot of impressions after itself!

Create your Japanese high school student!

The game starts with the fact that you need to choose a character. It can be one of four playable characters, although later you can still change their appearance and even gender. For these purposes, there is an extensive and very detailed editor that allows you to adjust to the smallest detail facial features, the length and shape of the hairstyle, skin tone and other nuances. There is also a large selection of clothes and accessories, among which you can easily choose a unique and unforgettable image for your hero. You don’t have to dress for the occasion – you can go shopping in your bathing suit or head to school in a tutu! And no one will tell you anything, because here you can see something just as crazy literally at every step. What exactly can you do in Sakura City? Let’s figure this out in detail!

Explore, be friends, fight, go crazy

So, the first location you get to is the school. It contains several floors and a lot of rooms, so you’ll have a lot to explore. Here you will meet new acquaintances with whom you can talk and interact in different ways. Each replica of the dialogue builds a certain relationship between you. The closer they are, the more joint actions you can perform with this character. For example, if you often hang out with a girl, she will eventually allow herself to be kissed. Negative relationships can also be – for this it is enough to start a fight. By the way, it can end very bloody, but fortunately people here do not die. They just fall asleep until the next morning.

But it’s not just about relationships. In Sakura City, you can go to the park, ride a roller coaster there, eat ice cream, order sushi in a restaurant, ride a car (by the way, you don’t have to follow the traffic rules, you can rush right through), dance, paint, swim … there will even be your own jetpack on which you can fly over the city rooftops! Start playing Sakura School Simulator now and decide what you will do today!

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