Sakura School Simulator

If you always wanted to find out how things go in a typical Japanese school, welcome to this amazing game! Playing it, you can learn about all the peculiarities a mere Asian student’s life. Initially, you will need to choose the gender of the character you are going to play. Next, proceed to customizing their appearance. In the process of creating your hero, you can try to make him or her as similar as possible to yourself. Or, conversely, create an image that you have long dreamed of.

The game provides for a fairly large line of hair lengths and a huge variety of hairstyles. Hair color can also be any, and you shouldn’t hesitate to use bright shades, because you will play as a Japanese teen, and this country is famous for its shocking originality. The options for school uniforms can also be varied, which can also be said about the facial features with which you can endow your character. Now that your hero is all set, you can finally start playing!

The events of Sakura School Simulator unfold in a small Japanese town. You’ll have your own house where you will wake up every morning. Even if you died yesterday, you’ll still wake up in your bed as if nothing happened. This is a great thing about this game – no matter what occurs to you, you can’t die terminally. So you shouldn’t be afraid of anything, even if it seems too risky!

Perhaps the main feature of the game is the large number of weapons. You can choose any blade or gun, and only you will decide how to use it. Your character will also have a jetpack that you can use to move around the town at a high speed or simply fooling around. There are plenty of locations for you to visit and explore, starting with the school you are about to study at.

So the first thing you should do after your hero is created is to visit the campus and wander through the numerous classrooms of the building. It’s a big area, so it’s going to take a while before you memorize where each of the things is located. You will have the opportunity to meet other students and even make new acquaintances. Some of these teens will become your friends, maybe you’ll even find a girlfriend or boyfriend. But if you don’t like someone, you don’t necessarily have to be good to them. Actually, you will probably have a lot of fighting that can turn into a real massacre involving the whole town! Choose your own activities and entertainments for today, enjoy your time in Sakura School Simulator and have fun!

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