Sakura School Simulator 2

Imagine that you just changed your place of residence and moved to Japan! Everything here is new to you, you look around with your eyes wide open. After all, you are an impressionable teenager who will now have to go to a new school. This is an exciting day for everyone, because you don’t know what customs and rules are here, how teachers and classmates will react to you. And all you’re left to do is throw your backpack over your shoulder and start off into the unknown!

This is how Sakura School Simulator 2 begins. But before plunging into the whirlpool of events waiting for you, there is a final touch – customizing the character’s appearance. You can choose one of those that are available at the start and leave everything as it is, or completely change your hero. The game has a huge selection of hairstyles and clothes. Plus, you can alter your facial features, skin tone and hair color. You can pick absolutely any combination, don’t be afraid to experiment! If you don’t like something in the end, you can always change it as you play.

At school you will meet many new acquaintances. Communication with them will take place in the form of dialogues: you can give any of the proposed answers to the character’s remark. This will create a certain reputation for you – a friendly honey or an unsociable bully. Depending on this, the attitude of your classmates towards you will be formed. Remember that they all have different character and preferences, and what one doesn’t like categorically may attract others.
At school you will have to study and do your homework. If you neglect this, your grades will go downhill. Of course, you will not be kicked out for this, so it’s up to you whether to be an excellent student or an avid truant. At least it’s much more fun to skip classes!

After all, there is always something to do in the city of Sakura. You can walk along the streets, visit one of the many establishments that are scattered around the area, eat in a cafe, go to the cinema, have a great time in an amusement park. And you also have a real jetpack on which you can rush at the speed of the wind! It will be a great day, and you yourself decide where to go and what to do. There will be no shortage of events either, because at each location you will find many options for the development of the plot. What turn your life will take today depends only on you and your decisions. Play SAKURA SCHOOL SIMULATOR 2 online and have fun!

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